My name is Aleks Kus and I’m a native New Yorker- I grew up and have lived in Greenpoint/Williamsburg my whole life. I have a love for all animals (shout-out to red pandas!), but especially adore dogs, cats, and bunnies. For years, my bunny Nahla was my best friend, and through her, I learned that the love shared with a pet is a bond incomparable to any other.

I came to work as a dog walker because being around these wonderful creatures brings me a unique and indescribable joy. My love for dogs stems from my childhood when every summer, I’d fly to Poland to spend time with my grandmother who had a beautiful black and white American Staffordshire Terrier. She would be waiting for me every summer with her happy tongue hanging out and her wagging tail going a million miles an hour, and she wouldn’t leave my side until it was time for me to head back home to the states. In fact, she was known to try and chase after our car as we left my grandmother’s house, bound for the airport, which always pulled at my heartstrings, but I always knew her happy face would be waiting for me again when I arrived the next summer. She was the kindest and most loyal animal I’ve ever met that taught me so much about friendship and compassion at a young age, and it’s forever stayed with me.

In my free time, you’ll probably find me reading or writing poetry or at a local show of one of my favorite bands (definitely not binge-watching the X-Files or cute animal videos on YouTube….;)) I’m someone who is a people person as much as I am an animal person, and I love chatting with my fellow animal lovers about our shared joy over these wonderful furry creatures in our lives. I look forward to giving your pup lots of love!