My name is Alana, and I’m one of the many Australians who now call New York City home. I’ve worn many hats over the past couple of decades; I studied and worked in 3D Design & Fabrication, was a professional musician for most of my 20s (which is how I ended up here), worked in Pastry and Culinary Management, and now look forward to stretching my legs and exploring as a RuffCity walker!

Growing up on the East Coast of Brisbane, I enjoyed the companionship of our Border Collie cross, Sam, for his 16 years. He was the perfect family dog, lively and quick and living in the moment. It was an ideal place to be a kid – most parks were large, off-leash fields, and there was bushland to explore just a block or so from the house.

When I moved to New York, I missed spending time with dogs, and would volunteer at the Bark shelter in Brooklyn. 5 years ago I was finally settled enough to adopt again, and what an experience it’s been! We adopted Lily from a shelter in Puerto Rico, so skinny and anxious, it’s amazing how for she’s come to grow into such a sweet and happy member of the family. For some rescue dogs rehabilitation is a long road, and we have worked patiently with Lily to socialize her, foster consistent eating habits, and gradually acclimate her to the loud bustle of Queens living. In return, she has turned our house into a home.

The loving, adaptable nature of dogs is something that constantly delights me. This city’s dogs, like its inhabitants, come from all over the country and beyond, in every size, shape and personality. They’re our family, and deserve to be treated as such – with care and respect. As a member of the Ruff City team, I look forward to getting to know your dogs and spending time with them!