My name is Aimee Cuevas, and I’m from Miami, Florida. I’m first generation American, and my parents are from Cuba. I love my heritage, and it’s a huge part of who I am. Growing up in Miami helped me appreciate nature, all kinds of culture, and made a major beach bum. I always tell people I’m solar-powered and I need to live in coastal areas.

I studied songwriting when I was in college in Boston, and moved to North Carolina for my first job straight out of college. The fact that I’m a city girl took me back home to Miami before moving up here to NYC spring of 2015. I moved here to continue my pursuit of music! It’s been really fun and exciting so far.

I can’t remember a time without a dog around the house. Maybe the small lapses between pups, but from my earliest memories, to my latest one, I remember learning to train, house break and take our family pets for walks around the neighborhood. I credit my uncle (an enthusiastic dog person) for helping me become familiar with different breeds and sizes of dogs, and my childhood ambition of becoming a vet for my need to research pups constantly.

I know what it is to have a pup that’s your best friend and essentially, another member of the family you can’t imagine living without. Dogs have a really special way of making everything better and reminding us that it’s okay to be constantly curious and have fun. I’m so excited and honored to be part of the team at RuffCity, and I’m even more excited to spend time with your pup!