Nice to meet you! My name is Aaron Shapiro and I’m 22 years old from Burlington, Vermont. I touched down in NYC this Summer, and am currently residing in Bushwick.

As a recent graduate of Berklee School of Music’s Film Scoring program, I compose freelance music and sound for a variety of visual disciplines (Cinema, Animation, Theatre, Art…).

Growing up in Vermont, there were always 2 or 3 dogs in the house as well as a cat. Around the time I was 13 years old my parents decided to breed golden doodles (between our standard poodle, and a family friend’s golden). Unfortunately, since moving to Boston and subsequently NYC, I haven’t had the resources or space to care for a pet. As such, I’m very much looking forward to getting to know yours!

Aside from work, I love to spend time outdoors, take photos, appreciate family and friends, and wait patiently for a successful Philadelphia 76ers season.